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Things to Think About

"A good strategy well executed is much more successful than a great strategy sitting on the shelf."

"If you add up all the benefits of the business cases for your company in the past 5 years, you would have double the revenue and profits."

"Good is the enemy of Great. The hardest time to make change proactively is when you are doing well. But, the hardest time to make change is when you have to - less resources, less time, less... "

Do you have too many balls in the air, too many projects? Are all your projects properly staffed or are your resources spread too thin? Are you lacking focus and setting priorities?

What is your decision making process?
We all have a To Do list and it keeps growing. But do you have a Stop Doing list so you can reallocate your limited resources to the high-priority projects?


Welcome to Advisory Business Solutions

After working for other companies for 38 years, I started Advisory Business Solutions in 2006 to fill the needs of middle market companies. I have taken the best practices, tools and techniques I successfully used for the larger companies, and simplified them for use in smaller companies. My business model is to offer flexible consulting services at affordable fees.

Most results are achieved in weeks and days, not months and years.

I meet with my clients around their schedules for only enough time needed to deliver value.

Key Principles I use include: The Power of Focus - 80/20 Rule, One-page Management, and Stop Doing. I use a team-based approach which builds ownership and commitment that leads to better results.

Current engagements include:

  • Finance Transformation
  • Good-to-Great Organization Transformation
  • Process Reengineering
  • Vendor Selection
  • Business Case Training
  • Project Portfolio Management Training
  • Strategic Planning

Recent Speaking Engagements include:

  • Driving Stakeholder Value through People
  • Driving Stakeholder Value - From Strategy to Bottom Line Results
  • Developing a Compelling Business Case
  • Good-to-Great Principles and Self-Assessment